Based on this aggregated data about time usage as students, there are a few activities that have factored into our lives such as sleep, university study, university attendance and a paid work job. Aside from sleep factoring as the obvious activity that has impacted on our lives, I feel as though university life and work […]


The beauty of Data Visualisation – It has been showed how we perform better with information that has a visual aspect to it has it allows us to make connections and see particular patterns which can allow us to focus on the things that matter and what story the information is trying to show. An […]

Lecture – Week 5

What is data journalism at The Guardian? Journalism and reporting has changed immensely through the years and evolved to what is it today from it being very word based with a few visual images, but now the way of portraying is mainly through data as that has the power to tell a story. Data journalism […]

Lecture – Week 4

Data presentation styles: why use graphs Graphs are created for us as they make information easier to understand, we can see different types of graphs being used for different purposes in many places even in day to day life. Recently bubble charts have been a popular choice of use but they can be viewed as […]

Lecture – Week 3

Historical and contemporary visualisation – 1 and 2 All through out history data visualisation has been present and used to convey messages for different purposes as data visualisation is a way to gather a large amount of information and portray that to a substantial audience in an engaging way and in a way for them […]

After Babylon – Group

After Babylon What story does it tell? The story this article and visualisation aim to tell is the story of the world’s largest language families in their current circumstances – where and whom they’re spoken by. How does it tell it? Graphs and statistics both visual and written point out how many languages are within […]