Article Summary


As we are at the day and age where everything is very digital and if a viewer goes on a page online for example they do not want to be bombarded with tons and tons of information, the page needs to consist of something interesting or eye catching perhaps for the viewer to fully commit to your content other wise they will exit without hesitation. A solution has been found and it is called the 4X4 model for knowledge content (Shander (2011), this has the power of solving many issues that can be present and can provide the audience with the right information and content that they may be after. There are different models or key components to this method with the models including for example a website and throughout the website there needs to be an interesting factor and that needs to be present all throughout the page as well and that grabs attentions immediately. The aspects of this goes into deeper content but not too deep as it is only about introducing the topic at this stage, finally the viewer is already interested and committed to the content and it can even turn to the point of research as long as the eye catching components is used throughout, these can include images for example. The other section of the 4X4 model are components which  include four points which are visualisation which is not necessarily about the data it self but about the ideas or placement of visualisation, storytelling is about relating the viewer with your content and making an effective story can mean people will be able to make an connection with what you are trying to provide, interactivity is about understanding that with the web being accessible to everyone any information anything that anyone can need is there for them to reach and read and with providing interactivity like images and movement within the page the interest grows, lastly shareability which can be through social media sites especially like twitter or facebook as well as this coming back to the interesting components of a website which makes it  more likely to be shared with friends and family then anything else. This particular method is very good for engaging viewers and also improving visual aspects of sites to attract more audience.


Shander, B. (2011, April 11). The 4X4 model for winning knowledge content online, Inspired Mag. Retrieved from


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