Lecture – Week 4

Data presentation styles: why use graphs

Graphs are created for us as they make information easier to understand, we can see different types of graphs being used for different purposes in many places even in day to day life. Recently bubble charts have been a popular choice of use but they can be viewed as a harder type of graph as our brains automatically compares height and width instead of area therefore it can be harder to make exact estimates so when it comes to circles and squares, squares can be a better choice. As designers we need a particular ability to be able to make accurate decisions and make the right choices with what graph we are going to use or how we choose to present the data in a way for the audience to read it in the easiest way possible. Some elements that can help us with that include using different colours or shading of different things on the page or for things you want to make comparisons with, also different charts can be used to portray different information for example pie charts can be used for percentages and proportions, bar charts can be for comparing data over categories and line chart to connect individual data points.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.24.12 am

This is an example of a bubble graph and it is used to show data and the comparisons of two things and it shows the soul purpose of why we use graphs to show information in the easiest form.


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