The beauty of Data Visualisation –

It has been showed how we perform better with information that has a visual aspect to it has it allows us to make connections and see particular patterns which can allow us to focus on the things that matter and what story the information is trying to show. An example would be ‘The billion – A – Gram’ which was about McCandless and how he was not understanding spending so much money on reporting meaningless things which meant nothing. So in the image he has created we can see the dollars and how everything for example numbers and colours relate to each other. Another example would be ‘Mountains out of a Molehill’ the image provided for this is about media and the panic that goes behind it the use of height shows the fear that is in the media and with use of patterns and other reoccurring items. The last example is ‘Data is the new soil’ this quote contains a metaphor which is about being in a very fast growing medium and how visualisations are constantly growing.

The fact that now we demand visualisation is because on every day basis we are constantly surrounded by it so now we can not even see information without. Visualising information is like comparing knowledge and it is about fitting the most information into a small interesting thing for people to understand. Information design is all about solving problems in regards to information and that is some thing we need right now in this society. Even with all the problems we have right now in regards to information we can still make beautiful visualisations to go with the boring information’s.


These images are talked more about in the first paragraph and are in regards to the examples.


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