DATA TYPES: There are many different levels of measurement in regards to data types as mentioned in Waterson (2016) which include Nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio data. Each of these types of data represents a different type of measurements with each of them representing something and having their own specific concept. They all work together […]

Article Summary

THE 4X4 MODEL: As we are at the day and age where everything is very digital and if a viewer goes on a page online for example they do not want to be bombarded with tons and tons of information, the page needs to consist of something interesting or eye catching perhaps for the viewer […]

Lecture – Week 1

DATA VISUALISATION: The topic of data visualisation as mentioned in Waterson (2016) can be described as an important part of the communication process and also the process or attention to data, and as the world of data grows more, us designers are engaged in it and effected by it. The usefulness of data can be […]